About us

In 2013, Killen Media began working in Jacksonville, FL. The college project turned company started after, Founder, Matthew L. Killen saw an opportunity to help small business compete for publicity. 

Killen Media works hard every day to make good people famous and has a history of media presence in Jacksonville, FL. We are artists, volunteers, political junkies, and passionate people who want to leverage anything we can for the benefit of all. 

We fight for Justice in the court of public opinion, if you need help covering up unethical behavior, please call someone else, we're terrible liars.  

Our founder and the only steady employee, Matthew L. Killen, is a student at The George Washington University School of Political Management. 

Since 2011, in accelerating capacities, Killen Media has passionately labored for the political underdogs.




Since April 2017, Killen Media has sponsored a trash cleanup every Saturday in Downtown Jacksonville. The success of our efforts has removed over 12,500 pounds of trash from Jacksonville, FL. #CleanCitySaturday aims to make Jacksonville, FL the cleanest city on earth. 


Call Us at 904.859.3755

Email us at KillenMedia@Gmail.com or MatthewKillen@GWU.Edu 

Our featured work is in publications around the world because we endeavor to create the liveliest communicators we can. Through our services, you learn as we learn, we'll both grow as communicators, leaders, and teachers.

We take communications and public relations to the subsequent level, action. Because in the end, life is not about what you say, but what you do. At Killen Media, we help you reveal your legacy. 

#KillenMedia has always been great to DANKA. 

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-Matthew Henderson, DANKA

Great people to work with!

Extremely thorough and passionate about work product and ethics.

-David Vandygriff 

Killen Media is the Best Media!

Keep up the awesome work!

-Britney Friedel

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Does amazing high-quality work!

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Insightful and intelligent, Facebook for thinking!

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This team does great work and should be doing more of it.


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