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We’ve passed Milgram Rubicon.

Matt here, I’m going to get personal. It was 2:57 AM when I started writing this, I can’t sleep. I’m sitting in my favorite spot. It’s where I work, where I study, where I relax. Chances are if you’re in my house, this is right where I’m every day and every night. As I look…

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Don’t Politicize Me Bro!

For a class on fundraising, we were asked if everything has become politized, this is my take. Since January 21st, 2010, the use of private, public, and corporate money, and thereby voice in politics has risen tremendously with the 5 to 4 decent of Citizens United V FEC. The purpose of this unique tool has…

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Motorola Board Pushes to Vote Against Human Rights Director Position

Last year, I bought stock in Motorola Solutions and I learned something. To my surprise, I received a ballot in the mail to vote for this year’s Motorola Board of Directors and Proposals. Below are the proposals, and the current board’s recommendations. The Motorola Solutions board of directors recommends you vote FOR the following proposals. 2.…

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