Motorola Board Pushes to Vote Against Human Rights Director Position

Last year, I bought stock in Motorola Solutions and I learned something.

To my surprise, I received a ballot in the mail to vote for this year’s Motorola Board of Directors and Proposals.

Below are the proposals, and the current board’s recommendations.

The Motorola Solutions board of directors recommends you vote FOR the following proposals.

2. Advisory approval of the Company’s executive compensation.

3. Ratification of the appointment of KPMG LLP as the Company’s Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm for 2018.

The board of directors recommends you vote AGAINST the following proposals.

4. Stockholder Proposal re Ethical Recruitment in Global Supply Chains.

5. Stockholder Proposal re Independent Director with Human Rights Expertise.

6. Stockholder Proposal re Lobbying Disclosure.

To summarize, Motorola, like many, if not all cell phone companies, wants a raise for the board and is okay with unfair treatment for those who make their wealth possible. To boot, they also don’t want anyone knowing who they’re talking to in our government about the intercompany policies.

I voted the opposite of the recommendations and had sold my stock already. However, this made me think. Shouldn’t all people get a vote on ethical supply chains, human rights, and lobbying and how is this okay in post-slavery America? Do you think companies would still be deliberating if slave labor were okay if it were up for a public vote and can we fix a problem which is so wide-spread? For now, here’s one thing we can do, and that is #BuyStockVoteandSell.

  • Note from Matthew L Killen

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