We’ve passed Milgram Rubicon.

Matt here, I’m going to get personal. It was 2:57 AM when I started writing this, I can’t sleep.

I’m sitting in my favorite spot. It’s where I work, where I study, where I relax. Chances are if you’re in my house, this is right where I’m every day and every night. As I look to my right, I can see a puzzle of family photos from edge to edge of the refrigerator. Opening the door has almost become a hazard.

I don’t use the fridge for much other than keeping half-eaten 7/11 sandwiches from smelling bad before I take out the trash. The memories are a much better use of the area. I’m lucky to have them.

I see these kids on the US Mexico border, and I don’t understand how anyone could intentionally hurt a child. How is it that these ICE agents and other law enforcement officers do this kind of work?

Thinking back to my first year at FSCJ, in psychology 101. No not the snarky hungover adjunct who was quick to cover his intolerable rants against our inevitable ignorance all while claiming the Socratic method was hard at work, no not that. The other thing. Dehumanization.

The Milgram Experiment is one of the positively fascinating psychological studies of our time.

Watch this quick video to appreciate the gravity of this phenomenon.

As a country, how can we return to a point where we do not indiscriminately separate families seeking asylum? If we cannot stop our people from the behavior at the border, from separating children from their families over what is at worst a misdemeanor, I fear we have passed the Rubicon, and are in a dangerous place in history.

The Milgram study asked, “under what conditions would a person obey an authority who commanded actions that went against conscious?” The answer is about sixty-five percent of the time. When we obey immoral commands from authority figures, things can go wicked, fast. That is where we are, this is America.

It’s 4:04 AM, I’m getting sleepy now, but I can’t help feeling hopeless, restless, and sick. As I see these images, and sounds of these children crying, and were doing nothing to help, is only making it worse.

This zero tolerance border policy is unconscionable, inhumane, and conclusively dehumanizing and must stop.



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