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Public Relations for Public Good.

About Us
We are here to help you change the world.

We work with people and groups who aim to "do the best they can, for as many people as they can, for as long as they can." We are passionate about catalyzing private and public relationships to succeed in enhancing communities and solidifying a legacy.  

You're the expert

We bring you to the media as a specialist on your issue or represent your interest with a professional spokesperson. 

Integrity Matters

We are here to help phenomenal companies and people become better-known philanthropists for communities they serve. 

Data Based Ascension

Our Membership Partners at can build your online dominance as an online expert in your field. 

We Care

Killen Media's sister organization All Politics is Social provides free help for innovative campaigns and nonprofits.


Television and Radio Impressions


Online Impressions


Online Activists Network



Our method for highlighting your abilities make creating your story simple and easily consumable.

We Win

The people who entrust Killen Media with their message earn the hearts and trust of the public. 

Message Activation

We work with several networks and groups to compound your message effectiveness.

Helping First

Our company builds people and organizations that want to make the world a better place for all.

How We Work on Our Projects
Rating Management

We help you earn the reviews and ratings you deserve. 

Messaging is Key

We sharpen your organic message to be impactful and memorable. 

Image Management

Our image advisers make sure your image reflects your intentions. 

Conversation Starter

We start conversations that change paradigms. 

We can build that!
Or we know who can!

Our expansive network of game changers will work to build your reputation for the betterment of all communities. If your company needs help presenting or online development, we're here for you!

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