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Killen Media Consulting

Let’s level up

Based in Miami Beach Florida, Killen Media Consulting is your one-stop shop for a ton of your business and campaign needs.

Just call or email us with your needs or questions and we will be happy to get you started.

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Consulting you can count on

We don’t just build websites or create fully integrated marketing and communications plans.

We have partners from every industry to get you what you need. Even if that’s a new building.

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100% Secured Data

We only use the best in the industry. Our team and partners take security and intellectual property seriously. We know what it takes to cultivate lists of customers, develop smart and new ideas. We take pride in ensuring your ideas and contacts are safe.

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We’re here for you when you need us

We all like things to be as smooth as possible but let’s face it, that’s not how life in entrepreneurship or the middle of a campaign works. If you need us, we will be there 24/7

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Companies We've Worked With

Matthew Killen is one of the hardest-working people we’ve ever worked with. Through his efforts, alongside our team and volunteers, we raised our membership by 21% in three years.


Matt has built several websites for our candidates running for everything from Congress to the City Council. All of the websites performed well and we continue to be pleased with his services.

Florida Democratic Party

Through Matthew’s 100 Point business assessment, we found out we already had everything we needed to launch a fully digital intake form which saved us thousands of dollars a month in man hours. That one tip paid for the entire assessment.

Texas Tax Pros

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Let's talk.





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